Manufacturing and development

In-house manufacturing and development

We have utilised the fact that LIKO-S has its own cutting-edge metalwork division, which manufactures and installs steel structures and has its own system of convertible partitions. We combined both products to create the unique inhall unit® system. We have been manufacturing and perfecting the system for over 20 years.

We are experts, work diligently, and purchase only the best materials, from which we manufacture our products using the latest technology. Our manufacturing is as efficient as possible, which means we are able to offer our customers better prices. Utilise our extensive experience and put your manufacturing base one step ahead of the competition.

Interior partitions

Divide your space with the inhall unit system according to your requirements. We manufacture convertible interior partitions in a wide range of types and designs in our factory in Slavkov u Brna. This brings our customers benefits in the form of high product quality, and compliance with agreed deadlines. We provide complete assembly without disrupting the operation of the workplace, as well as high-quality after-sales service.

LIKO-S: innovative leader

Our aim is to continue to be number one in the field and offer customers the highest quality services. We invest most of our annual profit in research and development. By doing so, the futuristic interactive SMART-i-WALL® partition system was created, and the LIKO-Noe® development centre constructed, which is unique in the world. No less innovative is the system of Living Buildings, which adapt to your company’s growth.

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